The 10 Best Cotton Candy Machines

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women with the best cotton candy machine

Whether you need to make cotton candy for a birthday party or you just happen to enjoy it, we have a great selection of the best cotton candy machines for you. Cotton candy is a unique treat, and there really is nothing quite like it out there.

This treat is usually reserved for special occasions and fairs or parades, but with your own Cotton Candy Machine, you can make this a weekend treat for everyone to enjoy. 

Best Cotton Candy Machine

1. The Candery Cotton Candy Machine

At the top of our list is the Candery Cotton Candy Machine. This is a bright and colorful model that does a great job of producing some very tasty cotton candy for all to enjoy. With the Candery you will have cotton candy in a matter of minutes. 

With the Candery you will get ten candy cones and a sugar scoop to help you measure out the proper amount of sugar for each patch. The Candery is a simple design and has stable feet to hold it in place. 

Children can learn to use this model as it is safe and reliable. You will love that it also comes with a warranty and it is not difficult to clean. When you look at the price, the features, and the overall quality of the Candery Cotton Candy Machine, you can see how it got to the top of our list. 

  • Great looking design
  • Helps kids participate as well
  • Comes with ten candy cones and a sugar scoop 
  • Has a warranty 

2. Cotton Candy Express

If you are looking for a complete solution to your Cotton Candy problems, this Cotton Candy Express will do the trick. With this model, you will get fifty cones and five different flavored sugars to get you started in this process. The Cotton Candy Express is a great way to make a special treat in a really simple way. 

The Cotton Candy is a perfect size for a family or a small kid’s birthday party. It quickly produces the candy and allows for quick and easy cleanup as well. One of our favorite things about this model is the price. 

For the price of some other cotton candy machines, you will get the entire unit, cones, and plenty of sugar to get you started. This is a perfect way to surprise a kid for a birthday party celebration. 

  • Comes with sugar and cones
  • Compact size unit
  • Produces cotton candy quickly
  • Fairly priced

3. VIVO Blue Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

If you are serious about your cotton candy or have a large group coming to celebrate, then a commercial cotton candy machine will make a lot of sense. The Vivo Blue Electric Commerical Cotton Candy Machine has 1030W of power and will produce cotton candy quite quickly. 

Of course, when you start talking about a commercial machine, there is going to be a higher cost involved. This is a perfect model if you own a small business or find that you entertain large groups quite often. 

With the Vivo, you will be making 2 or 3 servings of cotton candy per minute. In other words, you better prepare yourself for a large helping of cotton candy! The 20” stainless steel bowl is made to go the distance and will last for a very long time. Luckily the machine comes apart easily, so you can clean it easily and store it for your next day of fun. 

  • Comes with a one year warranty 
  • Produces candy fast
  • Large bowl
  • Perfect for parties and celebrations 

4. AMAV Cotton Candy Party Building Kit. 

The AMAV Cotton Candy Party Building Kit is a very low price option, but it is also going to be something that works better for a few kids, not a crowd of kids. The AMAV Cotton Candy Party Building Kit uses regular sugar and is quite easy to clean. 

This is a perfect thing to add to a Friday movie night or a special after school treat. Kids can even learn how to use this model so that you can supervise and help them entertain themselves. 

If you are looking for something that has long tern quality or will hold up for one birthday party after another, this is probably not the model for you. However, if you want to introduce yourself to the world of cotton candy without having to go to a carnival, the AMAV is a great choice. 

  • Low price
  • Great for a few kids to play with
  • Works with regular sugar
  • Easy to set up and get started 

5. Nostalgia Vintage Hard Free Countertop Cotton Candy Maker

There is no question that cotton candy can have a bit of an old-fashioned or nostalgic feel to it. If you think of a carnival or a fair back in the good old days, there was cotton candy at every corner. The Nostalgia Vintage Hand Free Cotton Candy Maker is a great choice for an old fashioned party or event. 

In addition to looking great, the Nostalgia is simple to operate and produces cotton candy very quickly. This is a model that would work for a party as well as a fun afternoon. 

The only real downside that we see to the Nostalgia is that you will need a place to store it. It’s a little larger than some of the other units on our list, but of course, it has a unique look to it as well.  

The Nostalgia allows you to use both hard candy and sugar to make cotton candy. This is a nice benefit in case you don’t have the proper ingredients in your house when you want to make cotton candy. Flexibility is a good feature in a cotton candy maker. 

  • Comes with some reusable cones
  • Looks great for parties
  • Works fast 
  • Can use hard candy or sugar 

6. Nostalgia Classic Retro Hard and Sugar-Free Countertop Cotton Candy Maker

Back again with another Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker. This one is a bit smaller, and although it still has a classic look to it, you will not have to worry about saving as much room in your cabinet for this model. 

You can use both hard candy and sugar when you make cotton candy with the Nostalgia. One nice thing about Nostalgia as a company is they offer kits to help you make cotton candy for a party as well.

The kit comes with enough sugar to feed a set number of people. This helps to make birthday parties quite a bit less stressful. 

This model does the work itself and allows you to watch and wait for your cotton candy. You get two reusable cones and a sugar scoop with this very fairly priced model from Nostalgia. 

  • Easy to operate
  • Retro look
  • Can use hard candy or sugar
  • Machine comes apart to clean easily 

7. Clevr Compact Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

You will notice that most of the commercial cotton candy makers are going to be larger in size and require quite a bit of space. Commercial cotton candy makers work very fast and are the best choice for weddings and parties as well. 

The Clevr Compact is a commercial cotton candy maker that is rather small in size compared to other commercial units. You can get several servings per minute, and the cotton candy maker comes apart for easy cleaning as well. 

Like many of the other commercial models, you will get an extra drive belt when you purchase the Clevr Compact. It also comes with a stainless steel sugar scoop.

If you are serious about Cotton Candy making and want a high-quality model that won’t take up its own closet in your house, this is a great choice. 

  • Commercial power
  • Very fast 
  • Comes with extra drive belt
  • Compact size 

8. Olde Midway Commercial Quality Cotton Candy Machine Cart

The Olde Midway is a commercial quality cotton candy machine and cart that is built for the true cotton candy expert. We love how portable this model is and will allow you to move it around for birthday parties and more.

If you are a small business owner having an event, this is a great way to add some value to the event as well. 

This Old Midway will heat up fast and be ready for use in just a few minutes. The stainless steel kettle is very large and has a belt-driven motor. Once you pour the sugar or hard candies in, you will have to be ready to go. 

The Olde Midway churns out one cotton candy cone every 30 seconds. This will certainly keep you on your toes and keep people quite happy as well that they won’t have to wait. 

Since this model has a cart, it also comes with some extra storage underneath and more drive belts should you have any trouble with the original.

Of course, something like this is going to cost a bit more money, but you do get additional benefits with it. 

  • Produces cotton candy fast
  • Easy to use
  • Cotton candy ready in a few minutes time 

9. Nurxiovo Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

The Nurxiovo is another commercial cotton candy machine, but it is a bit more compact than the Olde Midway. One of the things that we love most about the Nurxiovo is the sturdy wheels.

If you plan on trekking this thing across the yard or down the driveway to make the neighborhood kids’ day, you will have no problems. 

This is also one of the fastest models on the market. You will have cotton candy in about seven to eight seconds time. Since there is a cart, you also get some storage that you can keep cones or gloves between your cotton candy making. 

The Nurxiovo only needs to heat up for about two minutes before it will be ready to work. Overall this is an impressive unit offered at a fair price. 

  • Great for an event or large party
  • Heats up quickly
  • Produces candy very fast
  • Suitable for commercial use 

10. Cotton Candy Machine Bavpelp

Last on our list is the Bavpelp Professional Cotton, Candy Maker. This is a more compact unit with some great safety features for those who enjoy having their kids help them make cotton candy. 

Since this is a smaller unit that does not have quite as much power, you will notice that the cotton candy takes a bit longer to make. If you have a few extra minutes to spare, you will not be disappointed by the cotton candy’s taste and quality. 

There is a guard around the outside of this model that keeps the candy in while making sure no small hands can get near the heat. We love being able to involve kids in this process while keeping them safe at the same time. 

Another great thing about the Bavpelp is that you won’t need very much room to store it in your cabinet. Keep this unit in mind if you are new to cotton candy making and you want an affordable but easy to use cotton candy maker. 

  • Smaller scale
  • Easy to use 
  • Great safety features to involve kids
  • Only takes a few minutes to warm up 

Things To Consider When Shopping For The Best Cotton Candy Machine

Now that you are an expert on all the latest and greatest cotton candy machines on the market, it’s time to narrow down which is going to be the right fit for your home.

There are several key considerations when you are choosing a cotton candy machine; here are the most important. 


As you probably noticed from our reviews, the cotton candy machines come in a number of different sizes. The larger the cotton candy machine, the more you will be able to produce without having to add more sugar continually.

The process of making cotton candy is usually much faster with a larger machine. 

The downside to these large cotton candy makers is the storage space. If you don’t have a lot of room in your house, you probably need to consider the smaller model.

If the cotton candy maker is used for commercial purposes, the larger carts are a great choice. However, if you are looking for a cotton candy maker to make a treat for a few young kids, the smaller machines are just fine. 


High power cotton candy makers are usually the industrial models. These industrial strength versions can turn out cotton candy fast enough for a large group of people, and therefore they need quite a bit of power. On the high power units, you will have to watch the durability and the belts’ strength. 

Many of the commercial cotton candy makers are even sold with an additional belt as they tend to wear out with high levels of use. 


How long do you want to wait for your cotton candy? There are two factors to consider when it comes to speed, the time to heat up, and the time to produce the candy.

Most machines will heat up in less than five minutes, and they should produce your first batch in under a minute. 

The commercial cotton candy makers are capable of producing four or five cones in less than a minute. Some of the smaller at home models designed for kids are going to take more like a minute or so to produce a cone. 

Overall the cotton candy making process happens rather fast. The only time you truly need to consider speed is when you are purchasing this for a business or commercial setting. 


In order for a cotton candy maker to turn the sugar into the cotton candy, you will need heat. The bottom of the machine heats up and starts melting the sugar into what many people call a floss. This means that the bottom of the cotton candy maker will get very hot. 

Some models will have a guard around the top that will keep fingers protected and away. Kids should always be supervised when using a cotton candy maker, but it is something that older children can participate in. 

WIth the larger commercial units, the heat will be more consistent and a bit stronger. These should be used by adults. When you read the directions on the cotton candy maker that you purchase, it will usually give you a minimum age for using the machine. 


Cotton candy makers tend to range from less than $50 to over $200. The biggest factors in determining the price are the size of the unit and the power of it as well.

Try to consider how much you will use the cotton candy maker before deciding on the best price range for this. 

Type of Sugar

Most cotton candy machines are going to need cotton candy sugar, which is a very fine grade sugar. Some commercial models will also be able to use hard candy as well.

Take a look at the requirements for sugar before you purchase your cotton candy maker. Sometimes it makes sense to get one that is versatile when it comes to the type of sugar you can use.

The cost of sugar over the years is probably going to be more than the initial price of your cotton candy machine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Cotton candy is not difficult to make, but the process seems to perplex some people. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about cotton candy machines. 

Can you use regular sugar for a cotton candy machine?

Depending on the type of cotton candy machine that you purchase, you may be able to use regular sugar in the cotton candy machine.

The cotton candy sugar that you will see in stores does tend to work much better to help make sure that the candy’s consistency is perfect and that there is less waste when you are finished with the project. 

Regular sugar is usually quite a bit thicker than the cotton candy sugar. This can make for a different consistency cotton candy, and in some slower working machines, the cotton candy will never get the fluffy texture that you will want. 

Although you can use regular sugar for a cotton candy machine, we really don’t recommend doing this. 

Are cotton candy machines messy?

Some cotton candy machines can get messy. As you will notice, many of the machines have higher sides around the bowl, and they are built this way to try and keep the cotton candy threads inside the unit.

When the threads start to escape, you can have a real mess to clean up. 

Another time that cotton candy machines can get messy is when you are using the wrong type of sugar. Typically, the sugar with larger granules will sometimes start to escape or melt before it has time to turn into a candy thread.

When this happens, you may have a mess inside the actual cotton candy maker. 

You will notice that many people make cotton candy outside, and this is not an accident. It’s certainly easier to clean up a cotton candy mess from the grass or a patio than it is from a carpet.

If you are very worried about the mess, choose a cotton candy machine that has more of a dome type top. The dome will help keep things a bit more contained, and they are usually safer for kids. 

Can you use Kool Aid to make cotton candy?

You can use Kool Aid powder to help flavor your cotton candy. When you mix the Kool Aid with pure cane sugar, it can help you to flavor the sugar for your cotton candy machine.

One of the great things about Kool Aid is that it is very small, and therefore it works well in the cotton candy machine. Make sure that the sugar you are pairing the Kool Aid with does not have large chunks that will have a hard time threading. 

Final Thoughts 

By now, you are probably getting a bit hungry for cotton candy. It’s hard to even talk about this sweet treat without wanting to eat some. Having your own cotton candy machine helps to make sure that you can have cotton candy any time of year, without waiting for a fair or a carnival. 

The Candery Cotton Candy Machine is the best choice for a cotton candy maker. It is simple to use, produces cotton candy and a relatively fast pace, easy to clean up, and priced fairly.

If you want something to make a small birthday party a bit more fun or just for a Saturday afternoon treat, the Candery is your perfect choice. You might even want to get a muffin pan and cupcake carrier and whip up some delicious cupcakes to go with your cotton candy.