The 10 Best Fillet Knives

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the best fillet knife for cutting meat and fish

Choosing a fillet knife is about as overwhelming as it is trying to determine which meat or fish you want to fillet for dinner. There are endless options out there when it comes to the fillet knife, and each one seems just as good as the next.

There are, however, differences between fillet knives that you should be aware of before purchasing. We pulled together the ten best fillet knives on the market and some criteria for choosing which one will be the best fillet knife for your kitchen.

Quick Summary Of The Top 3 Best Fillet Knives

The Best Fillet Knife

1. Mercer Culinary Millennia Narrow Fillet Knife, 8.5-Inch, Black

At the top of our list is the Mercer Culinary Millenia. You may get used to seeing the Mercer name on our top ten list of the best fillet knives. They make great products, and they are usually very affordable as well.

The Millennia has an ergonomic handle that is built for both durability and to encourage less strain and discomfort for prolonged cutting jobs. This is one of the narrowest fillet knives in our review, and we feel as though the narrow blade can help to increase productivity when filleting meat or fish.

The grip has textured fingerprints to help keep your hand in place when working on more challenging to cut a piece of meat. The blade on the Millennia is made from high-quality Japanese steel, and it is effortless to sharpen.

The Mercer Culinary Millenia gives you everything you need in a high-quality fillet knife for a very fair price.

  • 8.5-inch blade
  • Hand wash for longevity
  • Very narrow knife
  • High-quality Japanese steel

2. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Flexible Fillet Knife, 7 Inch

Another Mercer Culinary knife made our top ten list. The Culinary Genesis Forged Flexible is a seven-inch fillet knife with a ton of great features.

The Santoprene handle helps your hand stay comfortable and securely on the knife while you are filleting. As most chefs will tell you, when filleting, you can set yourself up for some pretty ugly kitchen disasters. Your hands and the knife will have to work at some obscure angles to fillet varying types of meat properly. This makes the safety feature in fillet knives of the utmost importance.

The blade on the Genesis is made from a high carbon forged steel. You will not have to worry about corrosion or rust when dealing with this knife. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Tapered ground edge for stability
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Works for cutting and chopping as well
  • Comfortable handle

3. Mercer Culinary Ultimate 7-Inch Fillet Knife

The Mercer Culinary Ultimate 7 inch fillet is one of the sharper knives you can find for the price. This blade is exceptionally sharp and made from that same high carbon Japanese Steel that Mercer chooses to use on many of their knives.

The blade on the Ultimate is seven inches long, and it has a very long life span before it needs to be sharpened again. If you hand wash the blade after use and take proper care of it, you will not need to sharpen it every time.

The ergonomic polypropylene handle has textured points where you can place your fingers. This will allow for a much lower chance of your hand or the knife slipping and causing an injury. This knife even comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Some people like a longer fillet knife, but the seven-inch option gives you a lot of maneuverability and flexibility even when cutting smaller pieces of meat or deboning meat as well.

  • Easy to sharpen
  • Anti-slip grip on the handle
  • Long lifespan
  • Made with High Carbon Japanese Steel

4. KastKing Fillet Knife 7 inch, Professional Level Knives for Filleting Fish, Boning Meat And Processing Any Food

Finally, we are off of our Mercer Fillet Knife kick, and we are on to some other brands. It is hard to compete with the Mercer for the top spots because of the quality and feel of the knives at the low prices they are offered.

The KastKing Fillet Knife is another seven-inch option, made with a razor shart German Stainless Steel blade. We have to admit that we love the black finish on this knife. It is going to stand out, and just looking at it makes us feel as though we can filet anything we come into contact with!

Since the KastKing Fillet knife is only seven inches long, you are also going to have much more flexibility with it than other knives. If you need to chop or debone, you can do so with ease. As you know, we love kitchen products that can fill more than one need.

The Non-Slip Super Polymer Grip sure stands out as a stable and comfortable place to put your hands. If you are working on a cutting project for quite some time, this grip will keep your hand from tiring out. It will also keep your hand safer as it is a non-slip material.

The KastKing comes with a protective knife sheath that will help protect both you and the knife in between projects. When the sheath is on, the knife will essentially be locked in, but you will easily be able to remove it when needed.

  • Very cool looking design
  • High quality
  • Nice protective sheath
  • Great features for the price

5. Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife and Bait Knives, German G4116 Stainless-Steel Blades with Teflon Coating, Non-Slip Handles, Protective Nylon Sheath

When you look for fillet knives, you will notice that some of them are advertised as being fishing knives. Do not let this discourage you from purchasing that particular model. Just because a knife says it is for fishing does not mean it can’t be used in your kitchen.

A fillet knife used by a fisherman has to be very sharp and have the flexibility and slip resistance as well. This is undoubtedly a product that most chefs could also benefit from.

The Calamus knife has a German Stainless Steel blade in a blue Teflon finish. If you like a knife that stands out and looks different from the others in your kitchen, this is a great option to consider.

The Calamus will maintain it’s edge white staying corrosion resistant as well. This is a very efficient and quick nife that can make even the more difficult filleting jobs seem that much easier.

The Calamus comes with a rubber handle that makes it quite comfortable, and it is very lightweight as well. This knife comes with its protective nylon sheath that is almost a necessity with a blade this sharp. We love that the sheath itself is ventilated to allow for some air circulation and water drainage.

  • Lots of color options
  • Blade stays sharp for a long time
  • Includes Nylon Sheath
  • Blue Teflon blade
  • Suitable for hunting, fishing, and kitchen

6. Bubba 9 Inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife with Non-Slip Grip Handle, Full Tang High Carbon Stainless Steel Titanium Coated Non-Stick Blade,

Most of the knives that we have reviewed thus far have been around seven to eight inches in length. The Bubba Tapered Flex is a nine-inch knife. Some chefs like working with a larger knife as they feel as though it gives them the control that they need while filleting.

The total length of the Bubba is fifteen inches long; if you are used to working with a paring knife, this may take you a little bit to get used to. Luckily it does come with a non-slip grip handle that helps add some extra security and stability while using a long knife like this.

The Bubba also comes with safety guards that will protect you from the blade. The blade itself is very thin, which allows you to get very close to a bone without losing any of the meat. If you fillet a lot of fish, this is a great knife to consider.

The blade is coated with a Ti-Nitride. The Ti-Nitride is rust-resistant and has a very sharp tip. If you sometimes struggle to start your cutting job, the Bubba Tapered Flex will get you started and finished before you know it.

  • Comes with sheath
  • Works well for fish
  • Nine inches long
  • Rust resistant

7.    PLUSINNO Fishing Fillet Knife, Professional Bait Knives for Filleting Fish and Boning Meat

The Pulsinno is another knife that calls itself a fishing knife. As we mentioned, some of the best fishing knives on the market are going to be also manufactured to aide the fisherman. You can get the Plusinno in a five, six, or seven-inch blade length. Having the choice of blade length is certainly a nice feature.

The blade on the Pulsinno is made with a 5Cr13 Stainless steel blade. The Pulsinno is coasted black, and it is corrosion resistant as well. The knife holds up well in a kitchen or out on a boat.

The grip on the Pulsinno knife has a textured rubber handle that is both comfortable and slip-resistant. Even if your hand is wet while using this knife, you should have plenty of stability and safety. The Pulsinno comes with a sheath that will lock in place when put on the knife.

This is a very low priced knife offered in several colors. If you want something to fill your need of a fillet knife but look great at the same time, the Pulsinno is an option worth looking into.

  • Comes with a lightweight sheath
  • Water can drain from the sheath
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Available in many colors

8.    Wusthof Classic IKON 7″ Fillet Knife w/Sheath – Personalized Rotary Engraving Included

The Wusthof Classic IKON 7″ Fillet Knife is the most expensive knife on our list. With the money you spend, not only will you get a great kitchen knife, but you can have it engraved as well. The engraving is an excellent gift option for the chef in your family as well.

The Wusthof knife is made in Germany, and it comes included with the sheath. The Wusthof knives are known for staying sharp longer than other knives on the market. Wusthof has its precision edge technology that allows the knife to remain in great shape for many years.

The IKON 7″ Fillet knife will work in the kitchen or out on a boat if you don’t mind paying the extra money you will not at all be disappointed with the quality of this knife.

  • Very expensive
  • Can engrave the knife
  • Blade stays sharp for a long time
  • Comes with a sheath

9.    Victorinox Cutlery 8-Inch Straight Fillet Fishing Knife, Flexible Black Fibrox Handle

The Victorinox is a well-known knife. This product is made in Switzerland, and it has a lifetime warranty. If you are looking for something with exceptional quality, the Victorinox is a good choice. We love the fact that you can get this knife for a fair price and it will last you a very long time.

The Victorinox has excellent control, and the flexible handle only makes it easier to complete your task at hand. The blade is made from a high carbon stainless steel. The blade goes through an ice tempering process before shipping out. This process will help the blade stay sharper longer.

The handle uses the Fibrox technology that makes it slip-resistant and balanced as well. There is also texture on the handle that makes it easier to get a good grip. This is one of those knives that have the potential to be your favorite knife in the kitchen.

  • Fair pricing considering the design and construction
  • Holds sharpness longer
  • Slip-resistant handle
  • Lifetime warranty

10. Bubba 6 Inch Whiffie Extreme Flex Tapered Fillet Knife with Non-Slip Grip Handle

Last on our list is the Bubba 6 Inch Whiffie Extreme Flex Tapered Fillet Knife. This is the shortest blade that we have on our list, but the combination of the grip with this durable blade makes this an excellent option for a fillet knife.

The Bubba six-inch comes with a non-slip grip that genuinely helps to keep your hand in place while cutting. The blade is skinny and allows a great deal of maneuverability. This is an excellent option for fishing or the kitchen.

The Bubba also has a safety guard that not only protects you from the blade but from the spines of a fish as well. The blade is rust-resistant, and the tip does have an extra sharp point to get your cut started.

  • Rust-resistant blade
  • Sharp tip
  • Shorter in size
  • Non-slip grip

Things To Consider Before Selecting The Best Fillet Knife For You

Now that we have filled you in on the best fillet knives on the market, you have to decide which one is best for you. With all the options out there, this can be a tough call. There are a few key features that you should look for before you ultimately decide which knife is going to be best for you.

What Is a Fillet Knife Used For?

A fillet knife is used to get between the bone and the meat of a fish or other piece of meat. The fillet knife is most often used when it comes to cutting fish, but there are other uses for the fillet knife as well. Some people find a great fillet knife that works for them, and they use it for many different cutting jobs in the kitchen.

There are a few essential characteristics of a fillet knife that are important to note. For starters, the fillet knife is usually between six and eleven inches long. Fillet knives must be flexible so that they can cut through a variety of thicknesses with ease.

The thickness of the fillet knife is usually quite thin, and the blade is generally made with high-quality stainless steel. The stainless steel will keep the knife from rusting, even when exposed to wet conditions.

The Fillet knife is most often found on a fishing pier. If you have ever done any fishing, you know that you must fillet the fish at the end of the day. Without the proper fillet knife, filleting a fish is long and tedious work. Having the right knife also makes fillet fish much less dangerous.

If your kitchen does not currently have a fillet knife, you are probably going to want to add one. Whether it means getting a chicken breast thinner or cleaning up your prized catch from earlier that day, the fillet knife is worth having around.

Length of Blade

The standard fillet knife blades are going to be anywhere from six to eleven inches. If you noticed, most of the blades on our review were around seven or eight inches. We feel like the seven to the eight-inch range gives chefs the most flexibility and control while keeping safety in check.

When you look into the very long blades, make sure that you are also considering safety features. Another thing to remember is that the longer blades can sometimes be challenging to maneuver. If you think you will be making a lot of intricate type cuts, the shorter blade is going to be the better choice.

Blade Sharpness

Fillet knives are made very sharp. They need to be sharpened quite often as they tend to dull quickly. Each fillet knife that you look at will claim that they have a razor-sharp blade. All of these knives indeed start this way, but some will need extra maintenance as you use them.

The German Stainless steel knives seem to hold their sharpness the longest between begin sharpened.


Fillet knives are most commonly made with stainless steel material. The reason behind this is that the knives need to be durable, thin, and flexible as well. Stainless steel comes in many different grades, and this ends up being an excellent material for the fillet knife.

Another good thing about stainless steel is that it is usually more corrosion and rust-resistant. We still recommend drying your knife after use, but if you forget to, from time to time, you shouldn’t end up with a completely rusted blade.

Knives are made of many different materials, including ceramic knives, meat cutting knives, and more.


Of course, the essential features of a fillet knife are the blade sharpness and the design of the overall knife. Depending on if you are using the fillet knife in the kitchen or as a fishing knife, there are some additional features that you may see offered in a fillet knife.

  • Sheath: Not all fillet knives come with a sheath if your knife does not come with a sheath make sure you have an excellent place to store it
  • Hole In Handle: You may notice that the handle of the fillet knife has a hole in it. The hole is for putting a string through so that a fisherman can tie it to their belt. If you are using a knife in your kitchen, the hole won’t be necessary, but it also won’t get in your way.
  • Pointed Tip: If you end up having trouble starting your cutting a sharp tip on a knife can help get you going. Not all knives come with this feature, but it is an excellent option if you are using your fillet knife frequently.


The two main safety features to look for in a fillet knife are the handle and the sheath. The handle will help to make sure your hand does not slip while cutting, and the sheath will keep the blade protected from your hands between use. Fillet knives are sharp, and they can be dangerous.

Many people find that the shorter knives are a bit easier to control and work with. If you are new to filleting and want to ease into it, this may be the way to go.


The knives in our review range from less than $20 to over $150. As you probably know, knives can get very expensive. When it comes to how much is a reasonable amount to spend on a knife, we always say that you should consider two key points.

  1. How Long Will It Last?
  2. How Much Will You Use it?

If the product you are considering is going to be something that you use every day and it comes with a lifetime warranty, a higher price can undoubtedly be justified. If you have never owned a fillet knife and you want to try one around your kitchen, then the less expensive knife will surely do until you decide if this is a product you enjoy using.

Another factor to consider with the price is the features that are included. If you are getting higher quality steel that requires less sharpening, there is value in that. If you are getting a sheath with the knife, this may help to prolong the life of the knife and keep you and your family safe. Look for the features that are included and make sure they justify the price.

Many people wonder what the difference is between a cheap knife and an expensive knife. Most of the time, it has to do with the quality of the material. If you are a professional chef and you need a knife that gets very sharp and quickly slices than the better material and higher quality knives are going to make sense.

Care & Cleaning

For those that do not like hand washing dishes, the fillet knife is going to be something that you will probably end up replacing quite often. Every knife in our review recommends being hand washed. Hand washing a knife only takes a minute, and it will end up keeping your blade much sharper. Hand washing also helps to keep the handle in better shape.

Fillet knives will need to be sharpened from time to time, but the stainless steel material they are mostly produced with are easy to sharpen. If your knife comes with a sheath, be sure to use it. Not just for safety reasons but for storage purposes as well. Knives stored with a sheath in place will stay sharper longer.

Final Thoughts

A fillet knife is an essential tool in any kitchen. If you work with fish, it is a must, but it can be used on a variety of meat. People like the flexibility and maneuverability of the fillet knife. The stainless steel blades tend to be rust-resistant and should hold up for many years.

If you have been searching for a fillet knife for quite some time and you are overwhelmed by the choices out there, we can certainly understand. Some of the differences between the fillet knives are so subtle that you won’t know how to tell one apart from the next.

If you are in a hurry and you want a quick choice, our top three Mercer Culinary fillet knives are affordable and functional as well. Are you looking for quality spoons? We have a list of 40 spoons and their uses.