Best Food Processor for Dough Kneading For 2021

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woman looking for the best food processor for dough kneading

Have you ever wondered just what is the best food processor for dough kneading?  After all, dough kneading can be one of the most frustrating and tedious aspects of making bread.  

Believe me when I say-a great food processor will turn this boring, labor intensive task into a fun experience, yes you heard that correctly, a fun experience.  It can even help you get your children involved.  Little helpers love watching the bread knead after putting it into the cool looking machine. 

So here are the eight best Food Processors for Dough Kneading:

The Eight Best Food Processors for Dough Kneading: 

1. Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor

Coming in at number one is the Cuisinart food processor.  This little gem has a sleek modern appearance that is quite classy looking.  The good looks of this food processor are not the only reason it comes in at number one.  

Not only is the Cuisinart featured at our number one spot for bread kneading, but it also has a host of other features that make it a great choice for multiple tasks.  It has stainless steel blades, and the large and small pushers leave no doubt that this machine can not only knead the densest bread dough, but it is invaluable for other food processing task.

It can easily create pureed baby food, and your favorite protein shakes as well.  The Cuisinart can blend, mix, or chop-in addition to managing your bread kneading task with ease.

The Cuisinart comes prepared right out of the box.  It comes with everything you need to process any ingredient, food, as well as any combination of mixing and blending.

 In addition to the stainless-steel slicing disc that will most likely get the most use, it also comes with a shredding disc and a useful chopping blade. 

Users found the Cuisinart to be effective for dough needing and especially effective for kneading pizza dough.  Some other food processors pick up the dough and drag it around the bowl, however, the Cuisinart cuts through the denseness easily, thus blending the ingredients to a smooth and even mix.  

What We Liked About the Cuisinart:

  • It comes with a large-size work bowl and oversized feed tubes making it perfect for kneading bread.  
  • The bowl itself has a 14- cup capacity and that is more than sufficient for even a large-sized batch of dough.  
  • The Cuisinart also has a powerfully impressive motor, with an impressive 720 watts.  This powerful motor helps tame the dough kneading process, powerfully beating the dough into submission. 

2. The Hamilton Beach

 If you are looking for a more budget-friendly choice, then Hamilton Beach is a close runner up to the more expensive Cuisinart.  This model is finished in glowing stainless steel, which has a nice sleek appearance, making it an easy choice to leave out on your kitchen countertop if you lack storage space.  

The Hamilton Beach motor is not as powerful as the Cuisinart’s, so the performance is not the same, and it may stumble a bit with densely packed dough. 

However, kneading dough does not create a strain on the motor if the dough is size appropriate to the bowl.  The Hamilton Beach can knead dough in just under three minutes making it impressive for the price point.  

The blades of the Hamilton Beach 70725A are also impressive.  They feature an “S” design, and these stainless-steel blades can chop, mix, shred, and puree almost everything. 

The reversible action of the motor adds to the unit’s efficiency and gives it many of the abilities of higher-priced units.  

Even though the Hamilton Beach is not the most powerful food processor you can buy, for the price, you get a very capable and versatile food processor. 

Although it may not be the most powerful food processor you can buy, the price is very reasonable, and you get a capable, versatile unit that functions well above the expectations at this price point.  It can handle light to moderate amounts of dough for kneading without compromising the motor.

What we liked about the Hamilton Beach

  • The cost is one third of the price of the Cuisinart art, but that does not mean it lacks performance and durability. 
  • It is capable of efficient and effective performance.  It has a 12-cup capacity and can handle a significant amount of dough.
  •   It also comes with a feed tube that is quite large and effective for multiple uses, including kneading bread, chopping, and mixing.

3. Breville

Coming in at number three is the Breville 12 Cup Food Processor. The Breville is perfect for large dough loads and it can knead dough effortlessly.  It also gets a four-star rating for durability and reliability.  The Breville also gets a big thumbs up for versatility.

What We Like About the Breville

  • The Breville Food Processor is a 12 cup BPA free plastic work bowl with a safety braking system.  It makes grating cheese and chopping herbs or nuts to mixing batters and pureeing soups a snap.
  • It has a large wide feed chute that eliminates the need to precut ingredients.
  • It has a 1000-watt induction motor which offers great versatility and the power to knead dough effortlessly.  
  • The safety features allow the motor to cease operating unless the bowl and lid are correctly placed in position and has a large feed pusher. 
  • This powerful Food Processor makes large dough kneading projects effortless and it is a great choice for those frequently kneading large amounts of dough. 

4. Braun Food Processor

The Braun is one of the most versatile Food Processors on the market today.  Its versatility is a big draw for those who want more functionality from their food processors. 

Users find the Braun to be capable and versatile.  Many users say the unit handles most every ingredient with ease and efficiency, as well as other more expensive processors. Versatility was the favorite function of users of the Braun FP3020.

 What we like about the Braun Food Processor

  • The Braun is unlike other models that specialize in mincing ingredients.  The Braun is capable of a multitude of mixing tasks, including subtle mixing tasks.
  • With this versatile food processor, you might think that it is not up to the challenge of kneading dough-but that is far from the truth.
  • The Braun has a 600watt motor that can crank out 900 watts when pushed to the limit, all without damaging the processor.  This range gives you more than enough power to knead even thick dough. 
  • The 600-watt motor is ready for almost any task, including processing fruits, vegetables, and dry ingredients without going into meltdown mode.  It also allows you to knead the dough and other ingredients by pushing it to 900 watts for short bursts.  
  • It comes with seven-blade attachments, which add a lot of functionality to this processor.  
  • The variable speed adjustment is the function most appreciated by bread makers.  When you combine the power with the pulse mode, these settings allow you to knead dough without destroying the gluten bits. 

5. KitchenAid Food Processor

The KitchenAid has earned a reputation for precision cutting.  The Kitchen Aid is fully capable of performing jobs that need a good dose of processing power, and the KitchenAid delivers on power and precision.

One of the most common comments by users is that the KitchenAid is amazingly simple to use.  Even for those who have never used a food processor.  Users also noted the great versatility of this unit.  

It may not be the first choice for bread kneading, but if the KitchenAid is called to the task of bread needing a moderate amount of dough, the KitchenAid has handled the task without damaging the motor or reducing the efficacy of the processor. 

What we liked about the KitchenAid

  • The seven-cup capacity is a good amount of room when handling even large amounts of ingredients.
  •   It is also a good choice for dough kneading if you are not using a large amount of dough for kneading.
  • It comes with an adjustable feed tube and this can be set to a large narrow opening making it easy to add ingredients to the mix. The feeding tube is also adjustable, and it can be set to a narrow or large opening. 

6. Ninja Mega Kitchen System and Blender

The Ninja is not the processor you want if you regularly process large amounts of dough, however, dough kneading is possible with this processor if you are kneading light to medium amounts of dough.  

Users of the Ninja found the unit to be powerful enough for cookie dough and cake batter but felt its dough kneading ability was lacking.  The Ninja can handle basic mixing and blending with ease, but its sustainability for heavy dough kneading was lacking. 

What we liked about the Ninja Mega Kitchen System

  • The pitcher for mixing is not quite large enough for large amounts of dough kneading, however, for small to moderate amounts of dough the Ninja BL770 is more than capable of handling the load.  
  • The Ninja is a great choice when looking for an overall good food processor.
  • It can handle blending frozen ingredients, juicing, and general food processing tasks, making it a good choice for versatility and reliable performance.
  • It can handle two pounds of stuff and mix the ingredients in 30 seconds.  So, versatility, ease of use, and reliability are its claim to fame.

7. Cuisinart Elite Collection 2.0  

The Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor has an elegant look, and it offers more in the way of performance than it does in looks.

The Cuisinart provides just enough power to knead dough effectively without over-kneading the dough.  It comes complete with a modest set of controls that provides enough options for users to effectively use the unit without becoming overwhelmed with options.  

Users liked the wide-mouth feed tube, as well as the included accessories.  Many users have said that the Cuisinart Elite provided a superior balance between functionality, ease of use and versatility. 

Things we liked about the Ninja.

  • The Cuisinart Elite provides a great combination of features and functionality.
  • It has a 12-cup capacity, and it can process almost any ingredient with plenty of space to spare.
  •   It comes equipped with a powerful motor and an equally impressive host of features and included accessories.  
  • One of the best features is its ability to take huge batches of dough and knead them effortlessly. 

8. KitchenAid 14-Cup Food Processor 

The KitchenAid 14 cup Food Processor comes with the Exact Slice System which features optimized speeds, and an external lever system that easily slices both soft and hard foods alike.

Users have found the KitchenAid KFP1466ER to be both versatile and durable.  Others found it easy to use and to prepare larger things such as macaroni salad, chopping onions, celery, and carrots and it has also made a name for itself in making homemade pasta dough by decreasing the prep time.

It is best for moderate loads of dough and has a powerful enough motor to manage moderate amounts of dough for kneading.  Overall, a very versatile food processor with some features like the Exact Slice that set it apart from other food processors for versatility and ease of use. 

What we liked about the KitchenAid

  • It comes with optimized speeds, from thick to thin and includes a commercial style dicing kit.  It features a 2 in 1 Feed Tube that lets you use either the large or narrower opening during continuous slicing or shredding.  
  • It includes a 14-cup work bowl and has reversible shredding and multipurpose blades included. It has a hands-free commercial style dicing kit, and it slices then dices for effortless processing. 
  • It also comes with high, low and pulse speed options which allow you to handle soft or hard ingredients precisely and properly with the touch of a button.
  •   It also can handle moderate and large amounts of bread dough and allows you to control the speed of bread kneading helping you to knead bread dough with ease. 

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Food Processor for Dough Kneading

So, in addition to the review of the best Food Processors for Dough Kneading, there are some basic tips and “dough kneading” science to discuss before the big purchase!

There is a science behind bread making-yes, I know, not something you would really consider as a scientific process, however much of the form and texture of bread is because it contains gluten.  Why is gluten important? 

 Most food processors come with power-house motors and it can be easy to knead the dough too much, resulting in the gluten strands being shredded into stands making the elasticity of the bread more like a tough piece of meat or overcooked pizza crust.  

You should also consider an onboard “pulse control” when choosing a food processor capable of kneading dough.  This helps you avoid the over kneading and shredding discussed above.  

Finally, you should be able to control the speed of the food processor.  You want a food processor that allows you to operate the motor at a speed sufficient to mix the ingredients thoroughly, without overheating or over kneading the dough.