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There is nothing quite like a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day. Watermelon is a juicy and refreshing treat that also does a great job of keeping people hydrated. The only real downside to watermelon is that it can be a bit time consuming and cumbersome to cut. 

Luckily there are some great watermelon cutters available that can slice your watermelon cutting time in half! Some of these cutting tools can cut an entire watermelon into perfect cubes in less than a minute, and they are safe too. Here are a few of our favorite watermelon cutters and slicers.  

Quick Summary: The 7 Best Watermelon Cutters

7 Best Watermelon Cutters And Slicers 

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With so many cutting tools available on the market, it can be confusing to know which one to pick. That being said, we’ve created a list with our top 7 choices that you can order online.

1. Watermelon Windmill Cutter Slicer

The Watermelon Windmill Cutter Slicer looks precisely like a windmill pushing through a watermelon. It’s hard to understand how this works until you see it in action for yourself. If you like watermelon in a cube shape, this is a super fast and easy way to complete that project. 

When working with the Windmill Cutter Slicer, you simply push the 304 stainless steel slicer into the watermelon, and the spinning blade will churn out perfect squares. You don’t need to push all that hard for this to work, and it’s quite entertaining to wash. 

Probably our favorite part of this watermelon cutter is how easy it is to clean. Run it under your sink, let the water flow through, and all the watermelon juice should come off in seconds. If you want something safe and easy to clean, the Windmill Cutter Slicer is an affordable and effective option. 

  • Works quickly
  • Easy to clean 
  • Simple design 
  • Makes perfect cube shape pieces 

2. Watermelon Slicer 15” Large Stainless Steel Fruit Melon Slicer Cutter Peeler Corer Server for Home

If you are looking for a traditional watermelon cutter designed to save time, the Feenm Melon Slicer is a top choice. This slicer is very easy to use and will have your entire watermelon sliced in seconds. 

One of our favorite features with the Feenm Slicer is how safe it is. If you put your hands on the two handles and press down on your watermelon, the slicer will move right through. Your fingers will be entirely out of the way while completing this process.

Each piece that the Feenm Watermelon cutter cuts are going to be uniform in size. If you want to put these slices out as part of a platter or display, you can easily do so. Also, if you have a bunch of hungry kids lined up and ready for a watermelon slice, this is the slicer you will want to own. 

  • Easy to use
  • Safe design
  • Works on melon and watermelon 
  • Creates even slices 

3. Gayisic 4 PCS Watermelon Cutter

If you take your fruit cutting seriously, you need tools. The Gaysisic set is a fruit carving tool set. You will not be limited to watermelon when using this affordable and functional kit. 

The Gayisic set comes with four stainless steel pieces. It has easy to grab handles, and everything is very safe. The blades are designed to be rounded and slice through fruit without slicing through your hand. 

With the variety of pieces you get with the Gayisic set, you can choose between a melon ball, a slice, or you can make an interesting pattern in your fruit as well. We love the addition of the ring cutting tool to help you get the seeds out of a cantaloupe as well. For the price, you will have a hard time finding a better complete option. 

  • Can make a variety of cuts
  • Works on cantaloupe and other fruit
  • Options for quick or decorative cutting 

4. Riviera Watermelon Slicer Windmill Cutter Carving Knife

Next is the Riveria Watermelon Slicer that comes in a three-piece set. We have given you some very safe choices on this list that even kids could use to help you with watermelon cutting, the Riviera is not one of them. 

This is a serious tool that does fast work. We love the quality of this watermelon slice and the fact that you get a large knife, a windmill slicer, and a melon cutter slicer tool. Between the three tools, you can cut watermelon in slices or cubes, and it can be done within a matter of minutes. 

The Riveria is a more expensive watermelon slicer, but when you look at the quality of the design, even just the handle of the product, you will understand why. This is a set that should hold up for a long time and stand up against even the toughest watermelon. 

  • High-quality set
  • Three effective tools
  • Sharp blades for fast cutting 

5. Watermelon Cutter, Banana Slicer & Chopping Board

If you want to move from the watermelon cutting to an entire fruit salad, this is the kit for you. With this slicer set by Carespot, you can cut any type of fruit any way you want. I’m not sure we would even have time to use all of these fantastic pieces and attachments. However, if you are showing up to the summer barbeques with a fruit salad, this set will help you impress. 

You get a total of thirty pieces with the Carespot set, and you even get a chopping board. If you are trying to picture the types of creations you can make with this set, think about an edible arrangement. 

The good news is that even if you don’t think you will use all the fancier attachments and tools, you still get a melon baller and a slicer tool that you can use on your watermelon. We love this set for the person who wants to start experimenting more in the kitchen when it comes to presentation. 

  • Great value for a large set
  • 30 pieces total to help you cut all types of fruit
  • Strong handles

6. TXIN Set of 2 Watermelon Slicer

The best way to describe the TXIN Watermelon Slicer is a fun and healthy treat. This slicer will transform a piece of watermelon into a fruity popsicle within seconds. 

The TXIN works almost like a cookie cutter to cut out pieces of watermelon that look precisely like a popsicle. The watermelon rind acts as the handle for the popsicle. We love the anti-slip easy to grip handle on the TXIN. It’s designed to make this both easy to do and safe as well. 

This is an excellent watermelon cutter to let kids use as it is very safe. You will be limited to one shape, but the price is very fair. 

  • Nice grip/handle
  • Quick cutting
  • Comes in a pack of two 

7. VOSIN Paring Knife Chef Knives Kitchen 

We saved the sharpest knife for last. The VOSIN Paring Knife is a 3CR13 stainless steel knife that will work on lots of other foods in addition to watermelon. If you have been looking for a knife that will easily slice both the inside and the outside of your melon, this is the one. 

The thirty-degree v-shaped cutting edge seems to help with that initial cut into your watermelon. This is when knives can potentially slip and cause injury; luckily, the VOSIN cuts right through with ease. 

The thin black blade is easy to clean and will make a great addition to your kitchen tools. 

  • Fairly priced
  • Very sharp
  • Great for watermelon and other foods
  • Easy to clean 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Watermelon Cutter 

Now that you have a good understanding of the best watermelon slicers on the market, how will you choose which is the best for you? Luckily there are some distinct differences between these choices, and if you use your preferences to narrow things down a bit, you can make this process much more manageable. Here are the things to consider before buying a watermelon slicer. 

Number of Pieces

As you can see from our examples, some watermelon cutters come with a large number of pieces. You will need to decide if you are buying a slicer to save you time or add some culinary skills. 

If you want to make beautiful fruit displays and impress guests, you will need something with a large number of pieces. If, however, you are trying to feed a large group at a family BBQ, you need something quick and straightforward, and one-piece should be plenty. 

We all know how quickly kitchen gadgets will add up in your drawers. If you don’t need the thirty piece set, don’t buy it. 


If you know for a fact, you want watermelon cubes; you can significantly reduce the number of options that you have to choose from. Some people want their watermelon cut, and they don’t care how it looks, others will only work with specific shapes. 

If it is a cube shape that you are looking for, choose the windmill type cutter. These tend to be the fastest and most effective at the cube pattern; for slices, then you can use the traditional melon slicer option that will pull out perfect slices of watermelon. 

Safety Features

The number one reason why people choose to buy watermelon cutters is for safety. When you are using a large kitchen knife to cut a rolling ball, you are setting yourself up for a disaster. Most watermelon slicers are quite a bit safer than a knife; however, some are safer than others. 

If safety is a significant concern for you, then you should look for more of a pressure and force cutter as opposed to a blade. The ZaH melon slicer that we recommended is not a sharp design; instead, you place your hands on the handles and use your force to pull through the watermelon. 

If you go with something that has a steel blade, pay very close attention to the handles. Handles are essential anytime you are cutting something. If a tool does not have a sturdy handle or it looks like it might not be of high quality, that will not be your safest option. 


Watermelon juice is rather easy to rinse off of a slicer. There are some models where juice can run down into the handle and be challenging to cleanout. If you don’t like handwashing, products always check for dishwasher compatibility. 

Sharp or Pressure

Do you plan on being the one to cut the watermelon, or is this a project your kids want to help with. If this is a family affair, you may want to consider a plastic slicer that uses a bit of elbow grease. These slicers will help you cut your watermelon without a knife, and you should escape with all fingers in place. 

As great as the pressure models are, they are not as fast as something with a sharp blade. Think about the speed that you need your watermelon cut when deciding which model you would like. 


Watermelon cutters are typically not large purchases. Most of these slicers cost between $10 and $35. This is a tool that you should have in your kitchen for many years. When deciding how much to spend and what quality you should choose, try and consider how often you will use your slicer. 

Do you and your family eat watermelon every week all summer long? Or is this just a once a year treat. If you are cutting watermelon quite often, it pays to go with the higher quality premium cutter. The blades will stay sharper, and you will likely cut much faster as well. 


When trying to determine if a watermelon cutter is of high-quality look at the materials that are made of and the features that it has. If there are beautiful handles, safety guides, or even a carrying case for the products, that is likely a high-quality product. 

If, however, you look at a set of watermelon cutters and you get twenty-seven pieces for $7.00 total, we can almost guarantee you that the quality will not be nearly as good. Try to remember that this is not a product that you will replace often; it pays to get something that will hold up and work to cut watermelon. 


Certainly, Watermelons will come in a variety of sizes. If you seem to always be working with a large watermelon, do you need to worry about size when it comes to a slicer? 

Luckily most watermelon cutters are designed to work on any size watermelon. Most of the slicing tools expect that you will first cut your watermelon in half or at least take the ends off. Since you can divide the watermelon before using the slicer, you should not have to worry about size as much. 

If you are mostly buying small watermelons, the windmill type slicers can be a bit cumbersome to use. You are better off going with the traditional slicer tool or a watermelon ball type tool. 

Final Thoughts 

With the products we found here, there is no reason to purchase cut watermelon ever again. With the options we provided, you can get quite fancy with your fruit displays, and smoothies, or keep things very simple.

The most important thing to remember when cutting any fruit is safety. Choose an option you feel comfortable with that will get the job done in a fair amount of time. Good luck with your watermelon slicing and save us a slice! 

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