10 Clever Tips To Declutter Kitchen Countertops

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declutter kitchen countertops

A clutter-free kitchen counter will give you plenty of room to work and make cleaning your kitchen so much easier. Decluttering your counters also makes your kitchen look attractive.

No matter the size or storage situation in your kitchen, there are ways to get all your stuff off the counters. If you need to reclaim your counter space, follow these clever tips to declutter kitchen countertops. 

Declutter Kitchen Countertops

This seems like a no-brainer, but we humans have a tendency to hang on to stuff. It’s time to take a good look at all your dishes, pots, pans, small appliances, etc., and determine if you really use or need them.

Make sure you get rid of duplicate items (do you really need five cutting boards?). You’ll be surprised how much stuff you have accumulated over the years. The same goes for the pantry too.

The more space you can make in your kitchen cabinets and drawers provides storage opportunities for items that generally hang out on your kitchen counter. 

1. Only Keep Frequently Used Items Out

Once you’ve made extra storage space in your cabinets and drawers, it’s time to declutter your kitchen counters. You should only keep the essentials out.

These items can include things you use on a daily basis. Of course, these items are entirely subjective and it will vary from household to household. 

Some items that you may allow on your countertops are:

  • paper towels,
  • appliances such as a toaster or coffee maker,
  • knife block,
  • canisters for coffee, sugar, or tea,
  • and a spoon rest.

However, these items still take up valuable space, so choose wisely.

Consider getting a cart for larger appliances like toaster ovens that you can move to a corner of the kitchen when not in use. 

Although you will have fewer items on your counter, that doesn’t mean it will take more time and effort to get everything need to get meals prepared. Follow these tips to keep your kitchen items strategically stored and within reach without cluttering up your counters again. 

2. Hang It

Hanging some kitchen items will make them readily accessible and keeps them off the countertop.

If you are short on interior storage space, look to your walls. Hanging some kitchen items will make them readily accessible and keeps them off the countertop.

Instead of placing kitchen knives in large, bulky blocks, hang them from a magnetic strip instead. The knives will be accessible, but won’t take up any valuable counter surfaces.

Other small items, such as dish scrubbers, tea towels, and other sink-side essentials do not need to claim space on the counter either. Add removable adhesive hooks to your backsplash above or right next to the sink to hang items you use when washing dishes.

Towel bars aren’t just for your bathroom. Install them onto your black splash to hang mugs on hooks or frequently used gadgets. This helps free up cabinet and drawer space too, so you can store other bulkier items. 

3. Use the Sides

An underutilized space in the kitchen is the sides of cabinets. The is great area to hang towel bars and removable hooks too.

Store hand towels or small kitchen gadgets on the bars with hooks. If the side of the cabinet is big enough, consider adding shelves to hold smaller items. 

4. Use the Door

Another clever storage space is the back of cabinet doors. The back of doors presents plenty of opportunities to store lids or anything you can hang on a hook.

They are perfect for small items such as cleaning brushes, towels, and small gadgets. Group the items according to their uses to maximize efficiency.

For example, dish scrubs should be stored near the sink, and measuring cups can hang on the door of the cabinet that houses your mixer or mixing bowls. 

5. Group It

Keeping items together in eye-pleasing vignettes give your everyday items an orderly appearance. Groupings look meaningful and artistic when they are intentionally placed together in a theme.

A super-easy way to keep them together is to place them on trays. Keeping these items together on a tray makes it easier to move, which makes cleaning around and underneath them easier.  

6. Raise It

Simply elevating items above the counter keeps the space visually open and makes it particularly easy to clean around. Cake stands are perfect for this task.

Place them near a stove to hold your oils, vinegar, or spices you use the most when cooking. Or, place one near your coffee maker to hold your canisters of coffee and sugar. 

7. Upright

Longer items, like cutting boards, cookie sheets, muffin tins, and more take up less space if stored upright versus flat. Try nesting them together and storing them upright in a narrow cabinet.

This will make it easier to grab when needed and clears out more cabinet space for you to store your other kitchen items. 

8. Use Shelves To Declutter Kitchen Countertops

Shelving always adds more space to an area, but it needs to be done right for it to make sense in the space. You do not have to add an entire shelf unit to gain valuable counter real estate.

A small shelf above your stove offers you a space to store spices. A shelf above our sink gives you a place to keep dish soap or scrubbers. 

9. Store the Drying Rack

When not in use, remove the drying rack from the counter. Place in the sink or tuck it in the cabinet underneath the sink.

Getting in a good habit of putting away dishes as soon as they are washed and dried will keep your counters from looking cluttery. 

10. Keep Junk Mail Out

Junk mail and other papers often find their way on our countertops. Create a command center near the front door so mail and other items can be sorted as they come into the house.

Be sure to place trash or recycle bin next to this command center so useless mail can be disposed of immediately. The less junk that makes it past the door, the less likely it will end up on the kitchen counter. 

Keeping your counter free of clutter isn’t a hard task once you’ve created ample storage space in the rest of your kitchen. The key is to get into a good habit of placing items back into their respective spots and not letting them end up on the counter.

Keeping counters clean and clutter-free will make it easier to maintain and you will be happy with your kitchen’s appearance too.