How to Clean Quartz Countertops (And Remove Water Stains)

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clean quartz countertop with green cabinets

A quartz countertop can be a beautiful addition to a kitchen. Luckily quartz countertops are also stain resistant as well. As long as you take care of your quartz countertop well, it should be around to last you a very long time.

Once your quartz countertop is stained or damaged, you will have a long road ahead of you to fix the issue. Understanding how to clean quartz countertops and how to remove water stains from quartz countertops to protect them from damage is essential. 

Quartz Countertop Care Guide

woman showing you how to remove water stains from quartz countertops

Routine Cleaning

When you are performing routine maintenance on your quartz countertop, you need to remember two things, nothing abrasive and no bleach. An abrasive cleaner and bleach are not the ideal ways to keep your quartz countertops in good shape. 

One of the great things about quartz countertops is that they are relatively easy to keep clean. You can use soap (like dish soap), a soft rag, and water to handle almost any kitchen mess on your counters. 

If you use any kind of a cleaning solution on your quartz countertop, be sure to wipe it off almost immediately. Letting cleaners and other substances sit on the counter is not a good idea.

In fact, it’s best to keep your quartz countertop dry whenever possible. Keep a drying cloth around and wipe the counter dry even after you wash it. 

Removing Cooking Grease

Cooking grease can be a bit difficult to work with. If it hasn’t already ruined one of your favorite shirts, it certainly will. Cooking grease is one of those things that you will want to remove from your quartz countertop as quickly as possible. 

When cooking grease sits for an extended period it may have left a mark on your counter. You can use a degreaser formula to help release these types of stains.

Make sure that the degreaser you use is safe to use on quartz. As we mentioned before, wipe the degreaser away with warm water and then dry the surface area when the cleaning is complete. 

How To Remove Water Stains From Quartz Countertops

A quartz countertop will do a very good job of resisting stains from water. When you let water sit for a long time on the counter, you may start to notice those pesky rings or marks on the countertop. When the stains start to look like this, you may need a cleaning agent like Windex. 

You can spray a bit of Windex on your countertop and use a soft rag or a sponge to scrub the stain a bit. When you have finished, take warm water and soap and clean the area thoroughly.

Don’t spray Windex on your quartz countertop and then let it sit there. This is going to leave you an even bigger mess to clean up. 

It may take a few treatments to get rid of those difficult water stains, but you should be able to get them to release finally. 

Removing Permanent Marker

If you were marking some bags or jars with a permanent marker and a little happened to get on your quartz countertop, there is a solution. Remember, when dealing with a stain like this, you need to be careful about what cleaning solutions you use on the countertop. 

To get rid of permanent marker on a quartz countertop, use an oil based cleaner. The oil based cleaners are best at getting the marker to release from the counter.

An example of a cleaner like this would be Goo Gone. Check the packaging to make sure that it can be used on quartz without doing any damage. 

Once you get the marker off the counter, make sure you rinse it with warm water right away. Don’t let the remnants of the cleaning solution sit on the countertop for an extended period. 

DIY Quartz Countertop Cleaner

vinegar and baking soda to remove stains from quartz countertops

If you are afraid to use a commercial cleaner on your quartz countertop, we can certainly understand. People get nervous about damaging a quartz countertop, especially after it was just installed. 

If you want to make an effective but natural quartz cleaner, you can do so with these ingredients. 

  • ½ Cup White Vinegar
  • ½ Cup Warm Water
  • ½ Cup Baking Soda
  • 1 tsp lemon juice 

As you know, from reading our kitchen hacks post, vinegar, baking soda, and lemon are going to be must have’s in any kitchen. You can get through so many difficult kitchen cleaning projects with the help of these three natural ingredients. 

This cleaner will last in a spray bottle for a few days, but we really recommend making a batch of this DIY quartz countertop cleaner each time you need it. 

Deep Cleaning Quartz Countertops

When it comes to deep and hard to remove stains, you will have to increase the strength of the cleaner that you use. This is not something that we recommend doing on a daily basis. Remember to keep your routine cleaning as natural as possible to not damage your quartz countertops. 

If you happen to have a hard stain that is also stuck to your counter, you can make a solution of acetone, ajax, and water. You do not need a large amount of this, and make sure that the Ajax is not abrasive in any way. 

If you let the Ajax stay in larger pieces, it could scratch or damage the quartz and cause more damage. With a heavy stain, we recommend trying a more natural cleaner or sometimes even using a razor blade to pick of the stain. Try these solutions before you go for the stronger chemicals. 

As always, remember to wipe the counter with water and soap after use and then dry it as well. Do not let a cleaning solution like this stay on the countertop. 

Preventing Damage To Quartz Countertops 

pan on a clean quartz countertop

To save you the trouble of cleaning and dealing with a damaged quartz countertop, we came up with a few simple tips to help make sure your quartz countertop stays in great shape. 

Hot Pads 

It is not a good idea to take a boiling hot pot and place it on your countertop. The sudden change in temperature can be bad for the counter and could end up in some serious damage.

Ensure that you use a hot pad or a hot plate when you are putting something on the counter that has just come from the oven or the stove. 

Cutting Boards

We do not recommend cutting directly on your quartz countertop. You should be using a cutting board anytime that you have to use a knife on your quart.

Cutting boards should be a part of every kitchen as they will save counters and make cleaning up that much easier as well.

No Bleach 

Bleach and quartz don’t do well together. Bleach seems to be a little too harsh on the quartz, and it is also not necessary to get the quartz clean.

Remember that mild soap, warm water, and a sponge or rag will be all that you need to keep your quartz countertops in great shape. 

Don’t Drop The Pot 

Although this may seem like common sense, make sure you have an excellent grip on that heavy pot before you place it down on your quartz countertop.

Dropping a heavy object on quartz can cause it to break or crack, and there won’t be too much you can do to fix it at that point. 

How to Protect White Quartz Countertops

One of the essential things to remember about quartz countertops is that they are stain resistant but not stain proof.

If you are going to work with something like food coloring or ketchup on your white countertop, we recommend that you protect it in some way. 

Although you can usually wipe up a colored liquid in time for it not to create a stain, this is not something that you are going to want to mess around with.

Anytime you are using a colored liquid, just work on a cutting board or put a towel down to protect your counter. 


Hopefully, our guide explaining how to clean quartz countertops has helped you see what it takes to get your countertops shining.

Quartz countertops are nothing to be afraid of. If you follow a few simple rules, your quartz will stay in great shape for many years to come.