How To Season A Pizza Stone

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how to season a pizza stone before using it

A pizza stone is one of our favorite kitchen helpers. Not only is this a great way to bake pizza, but it can work for bread and heating other foods as well. Pizza stones make pizza night completely different than a simple baking sheet or tray.

A pizza stone is really easy to use, but if you miss the step of seasoning the pizza stone, you will notice that it does not function nearly as well. Let’s look at how to season a pizza stone and the main things you want to be aware of before you start making those pizzas.

Supplies Needed To Season A Pizza Stone

To season a pizza stone you will need . . .

  • The pizza stone
  • Olive oil
  • An oven
  • A brush for spreading oil

Step-by-Step Directions For Seasoning Your Pizza Stone

When you get your brand new pizza stone, we know you will be ready to use it immediately; however, you can’t skip the seasoning step. Here are the crucial steps to take when seasoning your pizza stone.

1. Preheat The Oven

The oven needs to be very hot to season your pizza stone properly. Set it to 450 degrees and let it get to temperature before you put anything in it.

It does not matter if you have other things in your stove cooking simultaneously; just make sure you don’t place anything on top of the pizza stone while you are seasoning it.

2. Prepare The Stone

Prepare the pizza stone by putting oil on the stone. Cover the entire surface of the stone, even the edges. Make sure that you are generous about the oil, but you certainly don’t need it to be spilling all over your kitchen, either.

Some people make the mistake of putting a small drop in the middle of the pan, which won’t be enough.

3. Put Stone In Oven

Now you will place your oiled pizza stone into the oven and let it bake until the oil is gone. The amount of time it takes will depend on the oil you used and the stone itself.

You can estimate that it will take at least a ½ hour or so.

4. Repeat

When you see that the oil has completely dried, you will need to complete this process. Remove the hot stone from the oven and let it cool.

Place another layer of oil on the stone and then put it back in the oven to dry. When this round of oil has dried, your pizza stone should be seasoned and ready to use.

What do you put on a pizza stone to prevent sticking?

If your pizza stone is properly seasoned, you should not have much trouble with the pizza sticking. One important thing to do is to use oil each time you cook a pizza.

You should always put a light layer of oil on before you place your dough, this will keep the pizza from sticking, and it will keep your stone freshly seasoned.

In addition to the olive oil, there are a few other things you can use to keep the pizza from sticking. Many people like to use cornmeal or excellent polenta.

These things will help to create a barrier between the dough and the stone, and it should help you slide your pizza right off the stone when it is finished cooking.

What side of the pizza stone do you use?

Most pizza stones will be quite evident as to which side to use as they will have a logo or a different texture on the side that you should not use. However, many pizza stones are double-sided.

If you have a double-sided pizza stone, you can choose to use either side. Sometimes the smoother side is better for helping to make sure the pizza doesn’t stick, but this will come down to a matter of preference.

One thing for certain is to make sure you season whatever side you are going to use.

Pizza Stone Uses

Although your pizza stone is going to be one of the best helpers when it comes to making that perfect pie, there are lots of other uses for a pizza stone. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Heat up Frozen Food: Yes, forget the tray, put those frozen fries directly on the pizza stone. The frozen food will heat up quicker, and things tend to come out crispier as well. If your stone is adequately seasoned, you won’t have an issue with anything sticking.
  • Roasting Vegetables: The stone works perfectly as a way to roast vegetables in your oven. You will find that once you place the pizza stone in your oven, you probably won’t ever put it away.
  • Grill Press: The pizza stone is really heavy, and you can use it as a grill press if you are making something on the grill that needs a little bit of weight.
  • Bake Bread: We mentioned this initially, but if your stone is appropriately seasoned and you put the right barrier down, the pizza stone is a great place to bake some bread.
  • Sear A Steak: To sear a steak on your pizza stone, it will need to be hot, to begin with. Once the steak is seasoned and ready, place it on the stone; when you need to flip it, you can go ahead and do so. This process is not always the most convenient, but it certainly is possible, and if your oven is already hot, it’s a great way to conserve some energy and not heat a pan, just to sear a steak.
  • Quesadilla and Grilled Cheese: If you are a fan of cheese, there are quite a few meals you can make using the pizza stone. The stone works well to help the cheese melt and crisp up your bread at the same time.
  • Baking Cookies: One of the main reasons we love the pizza stone for baking is that you can make enormous creations on a stone. Since the pizza stone is made for a pizza, you can make a chocolate chip cookie the size of the pizza. These can be fun alternatives to birthday cakes or an excellent choice for a party. With all the possibilities on the pizza stone, It really does make sense to add this inexpensive gadget to your kitchen.


Seasoning a pizza stone is not a hard or laborious process; it’s just essential to complete before you start baking pizzas. Once your stone is seasoned, use a little oil each time you take it out, and you should have no issues with the pizza sticking to your stone.

It’s important to mention that the pizza stone should never be washed with soap. The soap will soak into the stone and break down the oil that you have used to season it.

Instead, rinse your stone with very hot water and wipe it dry. If it seems as though it loses its shiny finish, then you can always work on reseasoning the stone.