40 Types of Spoons And Their Uses

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5 types of spoons on a table

If you ever thought that all spoons are the same, think again. There are many different types of spoons out there, and having the right one for the food you are eating or the meal you are cooking can make your time spent in the kitchen much easier.

We put together a list of the most common types of spoons and what they are used for. Take a look and see if you can learn something new today about a spoon! 

Types Of Spoons And How To Use Them

1. Absinthe Spoon

An absinthe spoon is a slotted spoon that has a place for a sugar cube to sit and dissolve. The sugar is dissolved in the absinthe when a person pours water over the sugar cube.

Once the sugar cube is dissolved, the spoon is used to stir the drink before a person tastes it; just be ready absinthe is quite strong, with or without the sugar. 

2. Baby Spoon

A baby spoon is a spoon used for the tiniest mouths. The baby spoon is designed to be just the right size to help a baby eat their first foods. Most of the time, these spoons have a rubbery end so that they are softer in the baby’s mouth. 

3. Beverage Spoon

A beverage spoon is a traditional stainless steel spoon that is quite a bit longer than a conventional spoon. Beverage spoons are long, thin, and have a medium-sized head to them.

They are traditional used to stir a drink like iced tea or lemonade. The design of the spoon helps them to properly mix the ice and the drink. 

4. Bouillon spoon

A bouillion spoon is a round-shaped spoon that looks a bit like a small bowl on the end of a handle. The Bouillon spoon is used for a brothy type soup, and it tends to be a better fit than the oval-shaped spoon when it comes to these types of soups. 

5. Caviar spoon

If you thought that any old spoon would do for caviar, think again. A caviar spoon is usually made of high-end materials. Some caviar spoons are made of bone, glass, or even natural horn. Since caviar is such a high-end treat, shouldn’t the spoon be special? 

6. Chinese spoon

A Chinese spoon is usually made from ceramics, and it is very helpful for eating softer food or broths. The Chinese spoon has a unique look, and it generally has a thick handle and a flat bowl at the end. The Chinese spoon is not an overly long spoon. 

7. Coffee spoon

A coffee spoon is a spoon that is traditionally used when serving after-dinner coffee. The coffee spoon is used to stir sugar and cream into the coffee or even an ice cube to cool the coffee down. 

8. Cream-soup spoon

The cream soup spoon looks a bit like the Chinese spoon. This is a spoon that is about six inches long, and it has a bowl on the end that will fit into the cream soup bowl. 

9. Cutty Spoon

golf cutty spoon

A cutty is a Scottish spoon. A cutty is a very sport spoon with almost no handle on it at all. Although this is not a common spoon to see on the market today, they were quite popular in both Scottish and Irish history. 

10. Demitasse spoon

A demitasse spoon is about as fancy as it sounds. This spoon is smaller than a teaspoon and is used in service specialty drinks with fine china. The demitasse spoon is mostly used in coffee drinks or when having a cappuccino. The demitasse spoon can also be used as a baby spoon as it is quite small in size. 

11. Dessert spoon

A dessert spoon will help make eating your dessert all that much more enjoyable. The dessert spoon is similar to a soup spoon but usually a little smaller. It is also larger than a teaspoon but smaller than a tablespoon. 

12. Egg spoon

An egg spoon is designed to help make eating a boiled egg a bit easier. The egg spoon is shorter than a teaspoon and usually has a bit more of a pointed tip at the spoon’s head. Egg spoons are not quite as popular as they once were because a teaspoon can also be used. 

13. Engraved Spoon

Spoons are often engraved with a message or even a monogram. You will notice that many people have spoon collections where each of the spoons is engraved with a special message. 

14. Flat End Spoon

A flat end spoon has one flat end. The spoon will almost look square, although it is not entirely square. The flat end spoon helps users get to the last bit of ice cream or dessert in the corners of their bowl. 

15. French sauce spoon

A French sauce spoon is a flatter type spoon about the size of a teaspoon. The French sauce spoon has a notch in it that will let sauce or grease fall away from the person eating. The French sauce spoon is intended to help make it easier for people to eat without tipping their bowl. 

16. Grapefruit spoon or orange spoon

A grapefruit spoon typically has a sharp side of the spoon for cutting out individual grapefruit sections. This will allow you to get to all the parts of the grapefruit or orange without having to use a spoon and a knife

17. Gumbo or Chowder spoon

A chowder or gumbo spoon is very similar to a soup spoon. The soup is designed to have a more rounded end so that you can get a decent bite of soup or chowder on the spoon without losing it back in the chowder. 

18. Hanging Spoon

A hanging spoon typically has a bent handle that allows it to be hung in the kitchen and give people easy access to the spoon. The hanging spoon can be several different types of spoon, but traditionally it was a smaller stainless spoon used for stirring coffee or tee. 

19. Horn spoon

A horn spoon is a spoon that is made from a cow horn. It is traditionally used by miners, but there are some historical models that people will use in their homes. 

20. Iced tea spoon

An ice tea spoon is used for stirring iced tea. The idea is that sugar, lemon, tea, and ice need to be stirred into the glass. Having a longer spoon will help you make sure that the tea is properly mixed and all the ingredients are dispersed. 

21. Korean spoon

A Korean spoon is a very long-handled spoon that is useful in eating a majority of Korean foods. With a Korean spoon, you will be able to eat soft foods and soups with much more grace and class than using a shorter traditional style teaspoon. 

22. Ladle

A ladle is generally long-handled, and it has a cup at the bottom of it. A ladle is different from a soup spoon because it is used to carry larger helpings of soup and serve the soup. A ladle is not used for eating and is more of a serving spoon. 

23. Marrow spoon or marrow scoop 

A marrow spoon is a spoon with a narrow end on it. The marrow spoon is designed for getting inside a bone and scooping the marrow out. It is best to do this when the marrow is hot so that it will easily escape the bone with the help of this spoon. 

24. M1926 spoon 

M1926 spoon fork and knife

The M1926 spoon is part of a cutlery set used in World War II. The M1926 spoon came with the fork and the knife that was part of the set as well. These are made from corrosive resistant steel so that they would hold up in a variety of weather conditions. 

25. Melon spoon

A melon spoon is sometimes called a melon baller as well. Melon spoons are great for getting quick scoops out of a cantaloupe or a watermelon. You can eat from the melon with this spoon or use it to create a unique fruit arrangement. 

26. Plastic spoon

The trusty plastic spoon. Sometimes when you need a disposable spoon, the plastic spoon will be your best bet. These usually come in a variety of sizes, but most are small to standard size spoons and are great for takeout type meals. 

27. Rattail spoon

A rattail spoon was invented to give spoons a bit more strength. With a rattail spoon, you will notice an additional groove on the bottom that helps the spoon handle stay more connected to the spoon’s base. This joint is important in determining the strength of the spoon. 

28. Risotto Spoon

A risotto spoon is a long-handled large spoon that has a hole in the middle. The risotto spoon allows for risotto and water to pass through and create a more balanced and full stirring of the risotto. 

29. Salt spoon

A salt spoon is a very tiny spoon that was used throughout history to serve salt. The salt spoon would be able to fit in the salt container and remove just the right amount of salt for cooking or serving on foot. Salt spoons are not as commonly used today as they once were. 

30. Saucier spoon

The saucier spoon is designed to drizzling a finished food product with a specialty sauce. You will see this often used in fine dining where the presentation of the meal is just as important as the flavor. 

31. Seal-top spoon

silver seal top spoon

The seal top spoon has a notch on the end that will allow you to rest the spoon on a seal. The spoon itself is similar to the teaspoon size, and the length will vary from one model to another. The seal top spoon was introduced in the 16th and 17th centuries. 

32. Shaped Spoon

A shaped spoon is traditionally a novelty item. You may see spoons shaped in a heart, and you may also notice this when you look at engraved spoons. 

33. Side Notch Spoon

A side notch spoon is similar to a teaspoon, except there is a notch at the top that is supposed to allow fat or grease to run off the spoon. This helps you to eat just a bit healthier when you can keep the heavier oils away from your food. 

34.  Soup spoon 

A soup spoon is designed to make it easier to eat soup. Soup is a delicious meal but it can get quite messy if you do not use the proper spoon. The soup will spill off the side of the spoon, drip in your bowl, and who knows where it can go from there. The next time you eat soup, give the soup spoon a try, and you won’t be disappointed. 

35. Spaghetti Spoon

A spaghetti is a long-handled spoon used to measure, prepare, and serve spaghetti. With a spaghetti spoon, you can measure out a spaghetti serving, stir your spaghetti and even use this well-designed spoon to put cooked spaghetti on your plate. The only thing you can’t do with the spaghetti spoon is to use it to eat the actual spaghetti. 

36. Spork

A spork is a combination of a spoon and a fork. With a spork, you will see the utensil is shaped very similarly to a spoon, but it has notches on the end like a traditional fork. 

37. Stroon

A stroon is a mixture of a straw and a spoon. You will see this used in some restaurants, especially when takeout is involved, and both a straw and a spoon could help the customer eat their food. 

38. Sugar Spoon

A sugar spoon is explicitly used for serving sugar. If you are someone who drinks coffee or tea with sugar, chances are you have seen and used a sugar spoon. The sugar spoon is sometimes called a sugar shovel because it picks up sugar so well, even in a deeper bowl. 

39. Tablespoon

A tablespoon is both a spoon and a measurement tool. If you do a lot of baking, you know all about the tablespoon and how often you will need this measurement. Tablespoons are also great for doing things like balling a melon or eating soup. 

40. Teaspoon

A teaspoon is like the younger sibling of a tablespoon. Similar in the sense that a teaspoon is used to measure food, spices, and baking ingredients but it is much smaller than a tablespoon. Teaspoons are good when small adjustments are needed in a recipe. 


At this point, you should know more than you ever thought was possible about spoons. Having a variety of spoons in your home can help make both food preparation and eating that much more enjoyable. Many of the spoons we discussed were introduced hundreds of years ago, and they don’t serve as much purpose in today’s society.